Hype or Here-to-Stay? Verifying Hunches About Emerging Tech Trends

Put catchphrases, doubts, hypes, and hunches through the SPEEDA Edge test. We’re all for evidence-based decision making.

Janine Manishka Gunasekara
February 22, 2024
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Industry phenomena are sometimes just hype, and at other times they have real implications for the future. But how can you tell the difference?

“Is Web3 simply within a sub-culture?
Can we learn from the business models of challenger banks?
Which industry is likely to be impacted by the Metaverse?”

You see what people are saying, but do you know what players are doing?

“What are the use cases of Web3 applications?
What are the differences in the revenue models of challenger banks?
How is the Metaverse being used?”

Note: Back in 2022, we caught on to the tokenization wave and followed JP Morgan’s moves closely. A few months later, a tokenized wallet was released and then towards the end of 2023, Apollo and JP Morgan had collaborated on blockchain technology-driven initiatives and successfully so. Here’s a post in retrospect.

With SPEEDA Edge, you can measure what’s being said against what is happening.

Let’s say you work in a traditional financial company (TradFi) and notice that the financial transaction landscape is changing, but you need to explore how decentralized finance is taking shape….there’s a buzz around cryptocurrency...

Here are ways you can explore and shed light on a hazy topic!

Sift the Stories

Use the SPEEDA Edge news and filter relevant updates—use it to springboard further investigation.

A few months ago, you read that JP Morgan had plans to tokenize traditional financial assets….

Source: News aggregated featured on the SPEEDA Edge

Understand the Scope

Distinguish between traditional finance and decentralized finance through the industry overview;

What pain points does the emerging industry solve? Find out more about the technology that is enabling its growth.

Source: Select preview of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry hub on SPEEDA edge

You can gauge the number and nature of the players in the space by using our market map where the industry canvas is laid out,

segmented by product type and growth stage.

Source: Select preview of the DeFi Industry market map on SPEEDA Edge

Assess the Action

Use the evidence of actual events to test your hunch.

How are the major players interacting with DeFi solutions? What’s their preferred strategy? Are they branching into different financial solutions within DeFi or tending to a particular type?

Source: Select preview of the DeFi partnership mapping portfolio tool on SPEEDA Edge

Analyze the Nuances

Compare incumbent strategies and identify the industries that span their interest using our Competitive Intelligence function. 

Are other legacy banks showing similar patterns? Does the incumbent movement skew toward partnerships or investments? Which segments have the company partnered with the most? Are they partnering with peers or developers? 

Source: Select section of the Competitive Intelligence function on SPEEDA Edge

Dig into details of disruptors through our company profiles. Use the details of each interaction. Get the whole story before concluding. 

How far back does its interest in this industry go? When did they take action, and how does it compare with competitors?

Ask the Analyst

Our analysts curate industry data, so leverage keener insight. Talk to our team for the industry game-changer stories; we will assist your discovery!

Finally, ask yourself 'what does this means for my company and its work, and which technology should we adopt, adapt or accelerate?'

Use SPEEDA Edge to move from hunch to hypothesis. Get in touch with our team for more information!

Janine Manishka Gunasekara
Content Marketing Lead, SPEEDA Edge

Janine is a Content Marketing Lead for SPEEDA Edge, an emerging industry intelligence platform.