Edge Backstage: Behind the Scenes of the Competitive Intelligence Tool

We’re really proud of our Competitive Intelligence function on the SPEEDA Edge platform. What happens behind the scenes in the making of this tool? Here’s what Jamal from our Data Team and Jason from our Product Development Team had to say...

January 27, 2023
Research Tools

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Q1:  What is this research tool, and how did the team create it?

Jamal: The Competitive Intelligence (CI), or incumbent innovation portfolio is a comparison tool that allows you to track incumbent activity, specifically a company’s partnerships, acquisitions, and investments over the past five years, which relate to any of the 100+ SPEEDA industry hubs covered on the platform. 
Jason: The concept originated from our user feedback, actually. Clients wanted to filter by activity type and emerging industry and compare incumbent strategies. Listening to our users helped us create this killer tool!

Q2:   Describe the best part of this tracking tool in three words.

Jamal: In-depth. Insightful. Organized
Jason: Revolutionary comparison tool

 Q3: What was the most challenging part of putting this tool together? (in no-code speak, please)

Jason: Our UI/UX designer design is beautiful but sophisticated, so developing the experience we wanted our users to have was challenging.

Jamal: It was quite a task to aggregate and map all the data to the relevant SPEEDA Edge hubs! But figuring out why Big Tech companies invested in seemingly unrelated industries was half the fun!

Q4: Most memorable feat?

Delivering this competitive intelligence data on the Big Tech companies within a short time, despite the high volume of activities, has been our proudest moment so far!

If you feel our Competitive Intelligence tool help your research process and want to test it out yourself, connect with our team—we’d love to know more!